Weekend Newsletter, Fake earnings and Fake Meat.

We started last Monday with a little gleam of hope that was quickly washed away Tuesday. Wednesday came the nonsense that is financial new streams.Indexes were working on a solid bounce day when Bloomberg released a fake $FB earnings report. (This took the wind out of the markets sails mid day) As the day progressed […]

The Greeks and What They Mean to Options Traders: Theta, Delta, Gamma

When people first start trading options, they may see some words and literally say, “That’s all Greek to me!” The names of Greek letters might seem confusing at first, but they offer valuable information that can help traders determine how they want to respond to options. The following list introduces three of the most common […]

Rolling Options Out to Capture Momentum Directional Moves in Stocks

Profiting from options depends heavily on your timing. Volatility in the stock market can make it possible for you to earn money by analyzing trends and timing when you buy and sell shares. Of course, you don’t always make the right choice. Rolling options out gives you more opportunities to earn larger profits by taking […]

How to Become Wealthy

So, you want to become rich, huh? It’s definitely something most people aspire to – but most never make it. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Stock market investing is one of the best ways – if done right – to grow real wealth for you and your family. But how can you become wealthy by investing in such a volatile market? […]

Options Levels and What They Mean

Options carry an inherent risk. To help protect vulnerable investors from extreme risk, brokers have created a standard tiered system of options approval levels, limiting investors from certain options based on their experience and resources. As an investor, it’s essential that you understand the approval levels and how you can qualify for a higher level […]

Cash Account vs. Margin Accounts

Investing successfully requires an in-depth understanding of the kinds of trades you can place and the methods for doing so successfully. One distinction that’s of particular importance is the difference between a cash account and a margin account. Leveraging the right kind will help you grow your wealth faster.  What Is a Cash Account? Cash accounts […]

The Myth of Losing on the Stock Market

Why do people remember the negative more than the positive?  The bad better than the good?  It’s as if human beings are hard-wired to be gloomy.  Ask somebody — anybody — for their opinion on the stock market, and you’ll almost certainly hear the word “risky.” Ask a couple more people, and you’ll soon get a reference […]

Saving too Much Money Is Ruining Your Options for Growing Wealth

Putting money in your savings account plays a critical role in your financial stability. It’s a good idea to save enough money to pay for three months of expenses. That way, you don’t have to rely on a credit card to pay for emergencies. Saving more than three months of the money you need to […]